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“Elida Designs is more than just jewelry. It’s a way to make the world a better place…one piece at a time.”

“Remembrance Ring is one of my favorite pieces of Elida Designs as it signifies all the many blessings and challenges that have been given to us. Sometimes in life (like in my very busy business life) a simple (and elegant) symbol is what is needed to remind me of the many great things in this lifetime. Elida Designs is not only unique and beautiful but also has deep meaning behind it.... and that makes it very special :)”

Tina S. Camiling

"I love my heart bracelet designed by Elida. It is so delicate and delicious that I never take it off. Her attention to detail is unparallelled in her designs and the craftsmanship is exquisite. The handmade quality shines through and no piece is exactly the same. I love being unique."

Sarah Shaw

"When it comes to jewelry, certain groups of women are always picky and in a hunt for something really unique for their fingers, necks and wrists. I am part and parcel of this group of women and I’m so glad I found Elida Designs! You see, my fingers are not perfectly shaped, but Elida Design's unique handcrafted chain rings are eye catching. All of a sudden, wherever I go, people always give a second look at my hands. Women like how unique they are and always ask where I got them? One of my friends bought Elida Designs the same day she saw my set! What is more, I have been wearing them since January, haven’t ever taken them off my fingers and the color is still the same! Amazing for silver rings!" 

Grace F. Chang

"Elida Designs is my 'go to' when it comes to choosing pieces that are artistically exciting, high quality, and infused with intention. Her pieces are more than just jewelry, they're inspirational art. That's why whether I'm choosing a gift for myself or someone I love, Elida Designs is always a great choice. And also why, on my wedding day later this summer, I'll be wearing all custom jewelry by Elida."

Shanna Forrestall, "Shanna from Louisiana"

"I received my custom ring from Elida and I cannot say how happy and impressed I am with her craftsmanship and skill. I was astounded by the beauty of the ring as well as it’s excellent design. Elida had the initial idea for the design. I suggested a couple of things that I felt she probably couldn’t do but she delivered in an amazing way!! I’m torn between wanting to wear it all the time and trying to keep it safe. I’m so proud to wear this brilliant and radiant custom jewelry piece from Elida Designs. I highly recommend her work. She is a gifted artist, easy to work with, and a master at what she does. Thank you Elida!"

Ted A. Moreno, C.Ht.

"I first fell in love with Elida Designs dainty delicate designs when I saw her thin infinity rings. I looked up the website(etsy/etc) and fell in love with it all. Best of all I'm supporting good causes! My favorite is the Little Treasures Necklace supporting Treasures nonprofit for rescuing sex trafficking victims. I loved going to the gala and seeing everyone thrilled with their necklaces, but especially the women who are now saved from that life! I also ordered a custom piece which is my JOY cross that she made out of pure silver nails. It reminds me to be content when times are hard (job loss or infertility and other issues). It made me cry happy tears as she designed and made it and showed me each careful step. I also have gifted the helping hands necklace for parents of kids with autism and my supervisor teared up when she opened it because she has a son with autism and it brought us closer!"

Christiana Greene

"Elida Designs goes beyond the beauty of jewelry. Each piece has deeply rooted inspiration. giving the designs a cherished value, meaning and aesthetic."

Katherine Delgado

‘What I love about Elida Designs Is the story etched behind the jewelry. Wearing each unique piece I envision healing… not just for me… but sending those thoughts out to another soul.

Jasmine Vashay

"Elegant, eternal, & effervescent… light & lush brightening any outfit for that extra SHINE."

Carole Chen

"The earrings I received by Elida Designs are so delicately beautiful, I feel fabulous wearing them!" 

Audrey Lee

"l am involved with many non profits in our local community. I have used Elida Designs as gifts to some of our senior leadership. And without fail every time Elida's jewelry has been a smashing hit. The recipients are always speechless with the beauty and artwork of the well thought out pieces!"

Richard Cheung

"My favorite Elida Designs jewelry piece is the Love Encompasses All. It is an unbroken Circle, complete in its design and is a reminder to love as Christ loves encompassing all. When I am wearing this piece I feel that I am sharing a message to those around me that they are loved. I personally feel like a woman who is valued, appreciated and loved as well. My heart is grateful & I am honored to wear these pieces of jewelry. I love that Elida Designs has a collection series of Love Encompasses All to add to my necklace & select from the bold bracelet, to the elegant rings and earrings and the choice of metals to allow my own unique fashion accessory expressions."

Janette Derbyshire

"Every time I wear them. Knowing that Elida put her pure heart and soul into crafting each piece and that my purchase helped to support victims of sex trafficking is priceless. I am to grateful for Elida and what she is doing to give back to the world in so many ways! My favorite is my Little Treasures sterling necklace, earrings and ring set that Elida made especially for me, always get SO many compliments."

Cynthia Urias

"My favorite places are the Drop of Rain Earrings. It means a lot that a portion of the proceeds help provide clean water in Africa. These are my everyday earrings, I feel fabulous wearing them and I get lots of compliments on them too!"

Ivory Smith

"The dainty chain rings that Elida makes are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. They are effortlessly elegant. I like to stack them and I rarely take them off!"

Wendy Karsh Siegler

"The Pure Rings Collection is one of my favorite. Pure Sunburst double string Ring gives me joy and cheer to my heart. Pure Fresh Ring reminds me that everything has an end and a new beginning. Pure Peace brings me peace, which In turn makes me focus and strength me on my path. The Journey Ring Elida perfectly crafted for Jeff and I is not only beautifully unique but it also brings us the message of our life path together as a couple; man and women; husband and wife The many twist and turns and adventures we have and will have together."  

Geny Wu

"My favorite Elida Designs is my turquoise necklace. I love it because it is simple but elegant and makes me feel dainty and feminine. I also love my Elida Designs piece because I know it has meaning and sentimental value in each piece because it is helping someone in need."

Megan Herbert

"My favorite Elida Designs jewelry piece is the Queen of Hearts, because it has an original hand hammered helping heart. Every time I wear it, reminds me of my joy of helping others and investing in our communities for a brighter future."  

Genny Hsiao

"I have a few designs from this line and my son recently said...'Auntie Elida's jewelry reminds you about your feelings. Like how each little ring in the necklace reminds you about something special that happened to you!' So even a 7 year-old can understand and appreciate the power (and yet the simplicity) of representing one's heart through art. I love my designs for the connection I have to them." 

Cindy Cheng

"I wanted something special for my niece who was graduating high school and found Elida Designs! The jewelry Is beautiful, craftsmanship and details are stunning and best of all, Elida donates proceeds to support various causes! My niece loved her necklace knowing that it was handcrafted and helped others too. Thanks for creating a jewelry piece that will now be handed down for generations to come!"

Traci Cox

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