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Based in LA, our sole delight is in creating dainty unique handcrafted gold and silver designs with messages that speak to your heart and help you bring about your best life! A portion of profits are also given to our partner non profits that care for victims of trafficking, military widows, children with autism, among other causes.


Owning an original Elida Designs piece is a life coaching tool to help you focus on what you desire more of in your life and help bring it to pass. A former licensed Marriage Family Therapist with a Masters of Science degree from Northwestern University, and a Life Coach, the designer weaves messages into her designs that help you find a way to create the mindset you need to allow your message to come about. Countless studies show and any successful person will tell you that what they think about they bring about. Elida also attributes the power of prayer in bringing about transformation in her life and wears her own pieces as a reminder of the blessings found in this journey. Each piece is prayed over during it's creation and her prayer is for your message to come alive in your life and in the lives of your loved ones as well.


*Contact Elida at for recommendations for loved ones or to request a custom designs that hold a sentimental value. We love helping create meaningful designs using heritage jewelry you and your loved ones will treasure for years to come.


Helping children with autism through Professional Child Development Associates in Pasadena CA, providing care and resources for victims of sexual exploitation through local non profit Treasures in Sherman Oaks CA, providing hope and resources for orphan artisans through Elida Designs' Commerce Project in Swaziland Africa which also provide innovative water transport, and supporting our nation's military widows and widowers through Gold Star Wives of America, Inc. (chapters locally and throughout the USA)  


More information on the non profits Elida Designs partners with can be found under Elida Designs for a Cause. Contact Us at to inquire about how your organization can partner with Elida Designs to create difference through client gifts, corporate gifts, weddings and personal design requests. 10% of all Elida Designs sales are distributed through Elida Designs Foundation. More information on our foundation can be found HERE.

Swaziland Commerce Project

In 2014, the year Elida Designs was founded, the designer traveled to Swaziland Africa with the film Never a to raise awareness and to provide hope for orphans in Swaziland.


Using her skills sets and resources and backed by a community of friends, Elida began a commerce project. Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in Africa and the UN believes it could be extinct in a couple decades as it boasts the highest HIV Aids epidemic in the world. 1 out of 3 are orphaned and 70% of Swazis are unemployed. The project provided training to local orphan and orphan workers, sets of tools for crafting, training and coaching, step by step guides to crafting designs dedicated to the project and materials to craft 250 jewelry pieces.



Elida Designs seeks to partner with boutiques in the US to distribute the designs with 50% of the proceeds going back towards sustaining our orphan artisan, his family and the community with easy water transport devices that transport water from wells to homes. Learn about this cause and many other through Elida Designs for a Cause.

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